Cloud hosting


Linux / Windows Server


With Cloud hosting or VDS hosting you receive a complete personal server. Through a virtualization technology your server gets a dedicated memory, CPU and disk space. One machine can contain multiple virtual servers. A collection of servers, storage and network systems forms a Cloud. Your virtual server runs somewhere in this Cloud. Thanks to VDS hosting, you have 100% control of your own server.


Private Office Cloud

Virtual Office

For organizations that want to be completely independent of IT systems and locations we offer a Private Office Cloud solution – a virtual office available at any time and at any location. Thanks to Private Office Cloud you don’t have to worry about hard- or software choices, security, technical interventions or maintenance of your computer infrastructure. Indeed, you will be saving on costs too!

Mobile working and working at home
Thanks to the Private Office Cloud solution you can access your data from any location using a secure connection (VPN).

Disaster Recovery Planning
Private Office Cloud offers a disaster recovery solution – daily backup of data which is stored in a second datacenter.


For optimum security a dedicated firewall will stand in front of the online fileserver. This firewall will ensure additional business security as well as identification of the VPN connections.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Flexibility & Scalability

  • No hardware purchase
  • No licenses purchase
  • Resources rapidly adaptable (memory, CPU and disk space)

Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Daily backup
  • Monthly snapshot of your server
  • All types of backups are stored in a second datacenter!
  • Disk space is charged in the second datacenter from €0.10 per GB per month

Managed services

  • 24/7 live monitoring
  • Managed firewall service (you choose which ports are open)

Class “A” datacenter

  • Air conditioned class “A” datacenter
  • Protection against power-offs with UPS and generators
  • Protection against fire and burglary
  • Includes power

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