Dedicated & Custom Hosting Infrastructure




If you have your own hardware and wish to use a network and datacenter infrastructure, you can opt for collocation. ITAF also offers several options for renting a dedicated server.

This way you have a high bandwidth and low costs for data, regarding to your own local internet connection.

This way you have a high bandwidth and low costs for data, regarding to your own local internet connection.

  • Guaranteed and redundant datacenters
  • Class A secure and redundant datacenters
  • Efficient and active air conditioning
  • Excellent fire and water security
  • Physical security and access control
  • Cisco network infrastructure

Included services

  • Air conditioned datacenter
  • Power protection with UPS and generators
  • Protection against fire and burglary
  • Power consumption
  • Protect shared by firewall (you choose which ports are open)
  • 24h/24h monitoring
  • 24h/7d physical access guided

Professional Firewall security: all the collocation servers are protected by a standard redundant firewall.
24 hours / day access: In the event of a defect, you have 24 hours / day access to your own server.
Budget-friendly: From € 46.00 per month we provide a safe haven for your server into an A class datacenter.

No hidden costs!

Using the Service Center you will gain insight into important information and you can make site engineers to carry out interventions on your server as they appeal.

Multi Datacenter


“Business continuity is the key”


Nowadays, ICT investments are getting crucial to business needs. As a result, dependence on a highly available infrastructure environment is becoming essential.
In order to support the business continuity requirements of our customers, our multi datacenter hosting solution provides high availability, faster performance, high redundancy through site-to-site disaster recovery mechanisms, scalability and security


“We align our solutions to your business requirements”


Decentralizing helps to minimize the business impact in case of disaster events. However, having redundancy more than is needed can lead to unnecessary expenditures obstructing the path to high reliability. Therefore, what’s more important for us is to align our solutions to our customer’s business requirements.

Looking for a disaster tolerance solution? Active/Active design:

Both datacenters are simultaneously operational delivering high availability, boosting performance and improving the scalability. In the event one datacenter fails, all operations fail over to the other datacenter immediately

Looking for a disaster recovery solution? Active/Passive design:

A datacenter is set up as primary, while the second one is set as standby (passive) which serves as a backup that’s ready to take over in the event that the primary datacenter fails with minimal outage.

Disaster recovery strategies

Hot stand-by: Data from primary datacenter is replicated to second datacenter in real time.

Warm stand-by:Data from primary datacenter is replicated to secondary system at regular intervals.

Cold stand-by: Data from primary datacenter is replicated to second datacenter regularly, but less frequently than a warm standby

Load Balancing


“Optimise the utilization of your resources”

Load balancing techniques distribute the dynamic workload across multiple nodes to ensure that no single resource is either overwhelmed or underused.
Our load balancing networking solution shares the load of traffic over the network migrating workloads among multiple computing resources across one or more geographical areas providing the following capabilities:

  • Higher level of security, scalability and availability
  • Lower operational costs
  • Improved performance
  • Improved server utilization and performance
  • Enhance reliability through its inherent redundancy
  • Prevents servers from becoming single point of failures
  • Loan balance failover
    • Active/Passive
    • Active/Active



“Protect your investment”


ITAF is committed to protect your investment. We support the security, stability and sustainability of your network to ensure your data, applications and business are secure. Our flexible and scalable managed firewall solution allows you to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business without having to invest your own time and resources for your network protection. Our managed firewalls services comprise from basic-to-advanced management and monitoring services including::

24/7 firewall monitoring and support
Threat management
Upgrades and patch management
Managed firewall in a dedicated infrastructure at a high-security datacenter
On-demand security and compliance reporting

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