24/7 & back-up control

A difference is made between:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Historical monitoring data

The following basic checks are carried out on a server:

  • Swap disk usage
  • Load from the server
  • Disk space usage
  • Connectivity to the server
  • Users: who log on to the system (only for Linux OS)
  • Availability of the SSH service (only with Linux OS)
  • Backup service
  • Number of processes

ITAF provides comprehensive monitoring tools for 24/7 monitoring of network components and servers.

Thanks to the 24/7 monitoring and customer engineers, ITAF has the right tools to act quickly in case of incidents or problems and it can be done on trend analysis. The customer remains ultimately responsible for the system he uses. ITAF can not be held responsible for a certain interruption or downtime.

Disaster recovery


  • ITAF provides a backup system for several backups: files, databases and server images
  • If the customer has an existing backup solution and wants to keep it, it can be managed by ITAF. The following points may differ depending on the capabilities of the application and customer requirements

Daily backup control

  • Verifies that the backup is running each working day
  • When a disturbance occurs, there will be an evaluation and a distincion between a minor and a major issue:
    • If it is a minor disturbance or disruption occurred rarely there will be no specific action taken. The next backup will guarantee a good backup
    • In the event of a major disruption or disturbance a new backup will be repeated several times
  • Weekend backups are monitored on Monday
  • Thanks to daily control it drastically reduces the risk of backup failures or not having backups at all

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